Consistently Calculated

Our secret weapon? It's talented teams following a proven process. Check out the winning strategy for turning your ideas into reality.

Every project starts with an idea — and never ends.

1. Understand

Every program is assigned a Delivery Lead with relevant knowledge or military experience to understand the complexities of your idea.

2. Envision

As the concept matures, the Delivery Lead translates it to a Product Owner and Development Team to map out the machinations of a product.

3. Design

Beast Code’s design team works with the Product Owner to build an interactive mock-up illustrating how the final product will look and feel.

4. Execute

Guided by the Product Owner, a team of experts and engineers execute your vision using agile processes to develop code that produce the product capabilities.

5. Harden

Using a Continuous Integration & Deployment pipeline, our DevSecOps team ensures the software meets industry standards and cyber compliance.

6. Test

As updates are staged to be released, our Quality Assurance team works to ensure the application operates as expected and meets all requirements.

7. Deploy

Multiple teams work together to evaluate the software's performance, ensure all requirements have been met, and releases the product for use.

8. Iterate

Beast Code maintains open communication with you and listens to feedback from users to improve the product and deploy routine updates.

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