The App at the Center of it All

Beast Core

What is Beast Core?

Beast Core combines data visualization and digital twins to put a complete virtual environment at your fingertips. This configurable, web-enabled app uses 3D models to support different use cases to display data from multiple perspectives. It also seamlessly connects to third-party apps.

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Beast Core Super Search

Beast Core Integration with PTC Windchill


The sum of all it's capability parts, Beast Core is an incredibly powerful multi-faceted application that pushes the limits of data visualization, and provides a feature-rich presentation with lasting results within an easy-to-understand package.

3D Viewer

An interactive simulation of digital systems with links to metadata and technical documents.


An immersive first-person walkthrough providing realistic renderings of real-life environments.

Tech Manual Viewer

A configurable library of technical documentation linked to 3D models in the digital twin.


A customizable user interface and data-driven backend allowing for real-time updates.


Game-based training for teaching familiarization, operations, and maintenance topics.

Learning Management

An intuitive dashboard for assigning and tracking student progress.