Streamlined Access, Management, and Updates

Beast Cloud

What is Beast Cloud?

A power pairing of user and data management, Beast Cloud keeps digital twins secure and up-to-date. It's a web-enabled app that can apply updates in real-time, or even operate in disconnected environments.

Additionally, Beast Cloud takes user management to the next level with tools that make it simple to create, assign, and track student and course progress.

How It Works

Beast Cloud provides the convenience of user and data management all from one easy-to-use application.  

Admins can create user groups, manage licenses, and assign training to better organize their workforce. Additionally, updates to digital twins can be deployed instantaneously.


No storm clouds here, our web-based Beast Cloud application makes it a breeze to manage user access and upload data to a digital twin.

User Management

A streamlined interface for administrators to manage user accounts and assign role-based permissions.

Data Management

A better way to push real-time updates to digital twins in cloud environments or in disconnected workspaces.

Learning Management

An intuitive workflow for instructors to assign courseware to students and track their progress with metrics.

Why You Need Beast Cloud

Work Smarter, Not Harder — Easily manage and track access to digital twins using our cloud-based administrative tools.

Security — Rest easy knowing that Beast Cloud is STIG compliant and handles all of the DoD requirements for login and auditing.

Network Not Required — Beast Cloud provides users with a local application to stream real-time updates from the cloud to users working in the field.

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