Black Pearl, Beast Code: Shaping a Tech-Savvy U.S. Navy

Those who follow Beast Code have surely seen plenty of references to DON Black Pearl lately, but might not know much about it. Well, it’s something in which we’re extremely proud to play a part. So, we drop the following knowledge bomb for those wanting to know more about how Black Pearl and Beast Code are helping the U.S. Navy navigate the seas of digital transformation.

While it may or may not have once roamed the Caribbean Sea as a pirate ship, today the Black Pearl surfs the high seas of the Internet and connects the American Warfighter with technology through digital capabilities. In fact, digital transformation from legacy systems and legacy thinking into modern software development is the wind in our sails.

DON Black Pearl streamlines the digitization process and accelerates the rapid delivery of modernized systems and platforms. How? Its multiple projects and teams combine to provide the ability to develop and deploy software in a stable pipeline within secure containers. And, that software can be deployed to any multitude of operational or Cloud environments.

Part of the digital transformation across the entire U.S. Navy enterprise is the digital twin process of all the platforms. This is where Beast Code comes in and spins the "digital thread" by turning all the physical spaces, equipment, and data (documents and diagrams) into an interactive virtual environment that puts operation and maintenance training right there at your fingertips. It’s a web-enabled application complete with 3D models of systems and configurable data that we call Beast Core, since it is at the heart of all our virtual environments and platforms. Read more about it on our Beast Core page.