Beast Core: The Digital Revolution of Training is Here!

Beast Code’s Courseware technology replaces legacy second-hand learning paradigms with first-person Cloud-based interactive solutions. The web-enabled Courseware Viewer & Courseware Editor apps are always on for workforces to access operational and maintenance training from anywhere – and, at any time.

Using our Digital Twinning technology, Beast Code’s Courseware Viewer creates an incredibly detailed 3D model of a platform or workspace. The System Viewer mode facilitates familiarization of how systems and components are aligned and connected, while the Avatar Viewer mode allows students to virtually walk the passageways and interact with equipment and spaces.

This easy-to-use app includes on-screen tools that inform and guide students through the steps to learn about component operation and maintenance procedures and schedules. Everything from part numbers for replacement, to displaying the optimum path for getting from point A to point B is in there – it even incorporates navigating around potential casualties such as fires and floods based upon sensor readings data and system alignments.

Using the Courseware Editor, instructors can easily build complete lesson plans one highly configurable lesson card at a time, provide helpful informational dialogs, or develop hands-on exercises for the management of component states and system flow. Instructors and admins can also customize the assessment and quizzes to determine remediation thresholds and improve knowledge retention.

So, take training out of the boring classroom scenarios and hop aboard the digital transformation train to fun, game-based interactive learning!