Social Media Policy

Last Updated
December 4, 2020

Beast Code encourages our employees to participate in online conversations via social media. Navigating these roads of self-expression create opportunities for engagement and exposure, and with that, it also creates responsibilities. This Social Media Policy has been developed to help guide employees in their online presence, in representing our company, and in sharing their insights in a thoughtful, positive, and safe manner.

1. Protect Beast Code. Protect Yourself

•Beast Code stresses the importance of maintaining the privacy of our employees, our company, as well as any entities with which we do business. This includes refraining from disclosing any Personally Identifiable Information pursuant to applicable Privacy Policies, Laws, and IT Policies. You should also be conscientious of protecting proprietary, classified, CUI, SBU, FOUO, and other sensitive information.

•Don’t disparage competitors, and refrain from comparing our products and services with other company’s products and services. Likewise, if you see any negative posts, comments, or replies on social media regarding Beast Code, do not engage with these third-party entities. Forward the messages on to 

•If you talk about Beast Code on any website or blog or any social media platform, please use a disclaimer like this one: “All opinions are my own.” This includes leaving comments on a third-party’s website, blog post, YouTube video, or other social media platform post as long as you’re mentioning Beast Code. 

•Beast Code does not allow: Comments or submissions that contain vulgar, profane, hateful or abusive language or images, personal attacks of any kind, or offensive terms that discriminate against specific ethnic, national, or racial groups. Additionally, comments that are spam, or are clearly "off topic," will be deleted and if able (depending on the platform) the person who posted the comment will be blocked from accessing Beast Code’s social media properties.

2. Acknowledge

•Employees agree to adhere to these policies as well as all other company policies when utilizing social media while affiliating themselves or the content with Beast Code. 

•Employees agree to take responsibility for their actions across all online social media platforms. You acknowledge that anything you post that can potentially harm Beast Code’s image is ultimately your responsibility. This isn’t meant to discourage social media interaction, but to encourage you to do so while exercising sound judgement and common sense. 

•Employees should consider themselves to be brand ambassadors. Engage positively with any mentions of Beast Code that you see online as well as passing on these messages to 

•Be transparent. If you post content about Beast Code, you should also disclose that you’re a Beast Code employee. #Iwork4BeastCode (disclosure is required by the Federal Trade Commission). 

•Beast Code respects all employees’ first amendment rights. We also, however, ask our employees to be conscience of mixing their personal and professional personas online. The public will make assumptions that any mention of Beast Code made by an employee implies official endorsement of said content by Beast Code. Additionally, employees should remember that posting content to “just friends and family” doesn’t mean that content cannot and will not be reposted or shared by their friends and family. Lastly, be aware that taking public positions online that are counter to Beast Code’s interests might cause conflict.

3. Expectations

•Follow all Beast Code company policies 

•Be mindful that you are representing Beast Code 

•Fully disclose your affiliation with Beast Code 

•When in doubt, do not post 

•Give credit where credit is due 

•Be responsible for your words 

•Be transparent 

•Remember that your local posts can have widespread significance 

•Know that the Internet is permanent